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Valentina & Christiane - CV Tutor

Christiane from Germany and Valentina from Italy: evident passion for languages and for education in general, brainstorming coffee sessions, teaching qualification courses taken, seminars attended, jobs done for third parties, overnight hours spent on planning our ideal business structure…this is how CVtutor began!

Our Vision & Mission: Passion of Teaching & Motivation

Here it is where CVtutor comes from: the strong passion for teaching and the desire of helping people at reaching their targets are our motivations. We are aware of the strong competition we are facing every day, but we know (and we are firmly sure of it!) that the passion, the motivation and the determination behind our project will make it a very successful one.

Almost ten years later…we are still strong and confident we can help you and be part of your development path!

We told you about us… why don’t you get in touch and tell us what you are looking for?

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